Milwaukee VoIP & Cloud Communication Phone System Provider, AccuVoIP Services & Star2Star

AccuVoIP Services and Star2Star Communications can provide you with a Scalable Cloud Communications Solution that helps you meet all of the challenges that government agencies face on a daily basis.

VoIP Companies – VoIP companies provide three major types of business communication solutions: on-premise UC solutions, unified communications as a service, and Blended Architecture. On-premise UC solutions place a PBX at the user’s site. PBX devices are expensive to buy and maintain, and also require costly in-house resources for support. Unified Communications as a Service, also known as UCaaS or Hosted UC, host the PBX in the cloud at a remote data center. UCaaS solutions typically offer cost savings but suffer from quality and reliability issues.

Blended Architecture combines an on-premise cloud communication manager with a suite of cloud-based service to create a complete, feature-rich communications system. Star2Star Communications is one of the unique VoIP companies that uses this unique Blended Architecture approach to overcome the shortcomings of other systems.

Star2Star’s Constellation Network provides the highest level of call quality and reliability. It includes two primary data centers and seven additional points of presence located at major Internet intersections. The Constellation Network automatically routes calls using the best available path with the least latency. Constellation re-prioritizes the pathways every thirty minutes.

Star2Star’s StarBox Cloud Connection Manager manages data traffic between the office and the IP network. It gives priority to voice traffic to provide crisp, clean call quality. The StarBox Cloud Connection Manager also routes intra-office calls directly to the destination phone without sending them out into the Cloud. The StarBox Cloud Connection Manager’s built-in quality of service enables Star2Star to guarantee 99.99% uptime reliability.

Star2Star systems are monitored proactively 24/7 with the StarWatch automated monitoring system. If StarWatch detects a problem, it notifies Star2Star tech support and the designated customer contact. If the StarBox Cloud Connection Manager goes offline, incoming calls automatically failover to an alternate location or to employees’ cell phones.

The Star2Star platform includes the powerful and robust Star2Star Application Framework. This platform provides fast, efficient distribution of cloud-based software and data.

The Star2Star platform includes a number of valuable features that are often optional on competitive systems. Cloud-based auto attendants, call queues, and ring groups reduce workloads and improve caller experience. StarCenter, StarView, and hunt groups make it easy to operate and manage multi-location inbound call centers. StarContact CRM integration software automatically displays screen pops with customer information from databases when they call.

Star2Star allows companies to share lines across all business locations with a feature known as line pooling. If a business temporarily needs more lines to handle an increase in call volume, Star2Star can add more lines using line bursting.

Find Me/Follow Me automatically routes calls from office lines to cell phones. StarPhone for iPhone is a full-featured IP telephone application that allows users to see presence of their colleagues and to place and receive calls. Star2Star also offers a SoftPhone that turns any Mac or PC into a fully functioning phone.

With advanced cloud-based applications, higher call quality and ultra-reliability, Star2Star is the ideal choice among VoIP companies for businesses of all sizes.