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ECi Britanniaâ„¢ provides growing companies the essential tools to compete in the e-commerce business by presenting customers with a customized online storefront website.

ECi Britannia strives to be effective, not just efficient. Since 1999, they have continued to revolutionize the way businesses organize and access their immense files and data across multiple or one branch. ECi Britannia software is scalable for start-up businesses to million+ companies, providing a clear path for future growth any sized business. One loyal customers stated “I needed a system that could handle the commercial side of the business, deal with multiple inventories and get us out of the IT business through use of a hosted system.” ECi Britannia provides a fully integrated solution from point-of-sale, e-commerce, accounting, to customized reporting. This back office system accesses and constantly updates order entries, purchasing, receiving, invoicing, and distributes supply chain automation.

The purpose of Britannia is to diminish the time spent on routine tasks so that the business can focus on more valuable factors to generate growth in their business. This management software incorporates all of the necessary tools, documents and reports into one interactive graphic page. In addition, it allows businesses to navigate seamlessly from creating quotes, choosing whether to fill orders from stock or back order and finding billing accounts. Through this system users are also able to do a competitively cross-reference pricing and skews of superstores. One loyal Britannia customer was thrilled that “Instead of having to wait three or four days for a sales report, [he] could get what [he] needed from Britannia in just five minutes or less.”

Britannia provides self-analysis reports to enhance business’ by providing them a custom reports generator that gives them summary statistics, top locations, most profitable customers, calculate current inventory, daily snapshots, direct purchasing and inventory checking. To improve our fleet route efficiency across the board, we integrated GPS tracking and proof of delivery on the program.

ECi Britannia has another unparalleled service, it is their reliability and guaranteed 24/7 live customer support. As the most responsive team in the industry, ECi Software Solutions provides extensive support and guidance the first 90 days of each companies short implementation schedule. They provide one-on-one on-site implementation, training classes, live webinars and tech support seven days a week.

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