Cybersecurity: A Must-Have for Business Growth

Matthew Connor, Founder and CEO of Your IT Department, began his programming career at 12 while working for his father’s company as a coder. His passion led him to develop his own company, which focuses on offering premium IT services — specializing in protecting growing businesses from ransomware. Your IT Department is currently being rebranded to CyberLynx with a mission to continue providing cybersecurity and professional IT and support services for expanding businesses. Providing services through CyberLynx, Matthew is on a mission to assist business leaders in increasing their profitability using cutting-edge technology.

Matthew served the US Army for 17 years as a human intelligence officer and received his bachelor’s in business administration and management from the University of Maryland Global Campus.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

• What are the risks associated with the dark web?
• Matthew Connor explains the concept of a business dark web assessment
• The cybersecurity process
• Matthew discusses the differences between a computer virus and malware and how to protect against them
• How to keep your data secure across all devices

In this episode…

The looming presence of the dark web can deter us from using the internet. To protect our personal and professional data, we must understand the security risks and how to deal with potential threats when using the internet.

For Matthew Connor, cybersecurity is a major factor in protecting growing businesses. Sensitive data can be accessed if businesses disregard proper security measures. Thankfully, systems have been designed to prevent security breaches and data leaks. Keeping track of business data can become more complex as your business grows. However, every business can be protected and thrive with the proper tools.

In this episode of the Cyber Business Podcast, Matthew Connor welcomes Chad Franzen of Rise25 to discuss the security measures available for personal and professional use. Matthew shares his expert opinion on how businesses and entrepreneurs can protect their data from viruses, malware, and the dark web, and advises on how to keep our devices secure.

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