Customer story | MightyCall

00:00 – Intro
00:05 – About Cheelcare
00:34 – How long did it take Cheelcare to find success?
01:52 – What was their phone system before MightyCall?
02:28 – Why they chose MightyCall
03:43 – Main problem that MightyCall has helped them solve
04:22 – About other MightyCall useful features
05:04 – Cheelcare’s future business plans
05:55 – How MightyCall can help achieve their goals
06:34 – Cheelcare’s strongest motivation

In this video Allex speaks about Cheelcare’s growth, how MightyCall helps them spread the equipment and comments on the most useful VoIP features.

MightyCall is the perfect business phone system for small businesses that need to improve their workflow and keep up with the demands of today’s competitive market. Learn about our customer story and see how MightyCall helped Cheelcare reach new heights.


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