CloudPhone Softphone by Xorcom – work remotely, connect business phone number & IP PBX with mobile

CloudPhone Softphone by Xorcom – work remotely using your business number with your mobile phone, using Xorcom CloudPhone software. Add a business line to your personal smartphone – connect your business phone number to your mobile device (Apple or Android) to work remotely just like in the office.

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Stay connected to your organization IP PBX / PABX (business phone system), make voice and video calls, group chat inside your organization.
Keep your phone number private, use your business phone system to make work-related calls. Use DND (do not disturb) mode for your business extension.

Softphone for mobile clients for CompletePBX phone systems – Xorcom CloudPhone allows the users full mobility by using their VoIP PBX extension on their mobile phone, which honoring their privacy and time off work.
With seamless deployment tools, CloudPhone is super-simple to deploy at any system size.

Working from home or a remote office, or just on the go, has never been simpler.

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Xorcom CloudPhone is new a remote work mobile software solution for any size or kind of enterprise.

Xorcom CloudPhone is a perfect software solution for virtual call centers or call centers working remotely. It has all the features for remote call centers, connecting operators to central IP PBX (Private Branch Exchange), using their mobile phones, to work from home or remote location.