Book Recommendation: The One Minute Manager – SOP for Managed Services

Book Recommendation: The One Minute Manager

The One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson is a great book for learning how to give employee feedback.

Timeline –
00:00 Book note – the One Minute Manager
00:59 You can’t tell people not to make mistakes
02:06 If you chastise employee, it will cost you more
03:28 It’s all obvious when you’re not making the mistake
04:09 Don’t create an adversarial environment
05:04 Turan everything positive
06:05 Employees need to know that you are on their side
07:08 Annual reviews are worthless
08:14 Midcourse corrections
09:55 Don’t treat employees as if it’s a pop quiz
11:10 Help employees build your brand of service
11:35 Call to Action

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