Best Business VoIP Phone System Review 2021

Best Business VoIP Phone System Review 2021
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Hi everyone, i am here to tell you about a very useful and good service. This service is probably the best-known name in Voice-over-IP (VoIP). The appeal of service (which begins at $9.99 per month for the first year) is built on its addition of mobile applications that turn your handset into a virtual extension that doesn’t use up mobile minutes, making it appealing to smartphone users as well as landline fans. But, perhaps because of its high profile, this service can be pricier overall than competitors such as business Editors’ Choice RingCentral, and lacks personal Editors’ Choice Skype’s video calling capability. Still, service call quality is top-notch, its setup is simple, and it offers competitive business plans.
Pricing and Setup
Base plan of this service is the $9.99-per-month unlimited calling to landlines and mobiles in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, but that’s just for the first year. After that, you pay $24.99 per month. Your account includes only that service but also a hardware adapter sent to your location, as well as telephone number portability so you don’t have to change your existing number. The adapter means you don’t have to keep your PC running all the time to get phone service.
You probably already guessed the name of this service? That’s right, it’s Vonage!
Vonage North America has come down in price slightly since we last reviewed Vonage, and Mexico (landlines and mobile) is a new geographic coverage area for the VoIP service. Additional pricing updates include Vonage World, which also starts at $9.99 and steps up to $27.99 after the first year in more than 60 countries. There’s also a special service called Vonage 3,000 to Globe Phillippines plan, which starts at $14.99 for three months, following which it steps up to $29.99 per month.