Attracting Managed IT Services Clients

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How Can We Attract the Right Managed Services Clients Within a Small Geographic Area

How can we attract the right managed services clients within a small geographic area? And for this example, we’ll use part of the San Francisco Bay area.

That’s an excellent question. And then we see that as something that plays out all the time in the MSP community because most MSPs are relatively small.

Most of them are local. Some are regional; some grow to be national companies. But a lot of them focus on a small geographic area. And a lot of the approach to attracting the right kinds of clients comes down to what we’re doing, building a buyer persona for each of the ideal clients you want to attract.

If, for example, you wanted to attract CFOs of a financial services company or directors of sales of media companies or accounting firms that specialize in some other area. Whatever it is. By studying who your best clients are and looking at prospective clients, potential clients that are very similar to theirs, and building these buyer personas.

You’re going to get a clue as to what makes these folks tick and if they’re all clustered and within the part of the San Francisco Bay area. You should start to see similarities about what’s keeping them up at two o’clock in the morning, what they’re worried about, what can get them promoted?

What can you get them fired, where they hang out online, where they hang out offline, and this should inform your content strategy. So there’s a pretty good chance that if you’re trying to attract. Potential clients in a specific geographic area, a lot of what you’re talking about, whether in your blog, video, podcast, or social media, you need to take that geographic qualification element into account.

It’s extremely important, but many people don’t realize it. You shouldn’t just talk about technology issues because chances are. The ideal clients you want to attract care about a lot more diverse issues than only the platforms, systems, and technologies you work with.

And there’s a pretty good chance that if you want to catch their attention in a way that attracts those strangers to your site, you may have to go a little bit broader and write about issues that are, have a little more general application to their broader business interests, not just the platforms and the technologies that you work with.